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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

[18SX] Panas!!! Kerajaan #DAP Pulau Pinang Luluskan "Pesta Bogel"????

Kerajaan Pulau Pinang luluskan permit BERBOGEL.

Penang Nude Sports Games is held successfully on the day. There are 18 nudists came to this beautiful beach for games and nude body painting.

Thanks to Ms.Chew for the organising and thanks to naturists for coming and made it a history in Malaysia.

A brief review by the member, Justin as below:-

-Here is my review & report for the Malaysia-International Nude Sports Games 2014 Extravaganza. On that day, we all assembled at the Teluk Bahang Jetty in Penang.

Penang Nude Sports Games is held successfully on the day.

There are 18 nudists came to yhis beautiful beach for games and nude body painting.

Thanks to Ms.Chew for the organising and thanks to naturists for coming and made it a history in Malaysia.

On that day, we all assembled at the Teluk Bahang Jetty in Penang. Many of us arrived early and went to the nearest Malay food restaurant to grab our lunch which is only located just outside of the jetty's main entrance. It was such a lovely sunny afternoon and we are all excited about this event. 

Later as the time reaches 2.30pm, we walked to the jetty and met up with the others who have also just arrived. One of our nudist friend CWeston, was not able to attend the event because he was on a family trip in Penang but he showed up anyway at the jetty just to watch us go off into our boats and wished us all the best for our event. 

As we waited for the boatmen to get ready, the skies was already starting to look gloomy and the waves start to get a little rough. We split into 2 boats and thus begin our journey to the secret beach that is located around the back of the Penang island. 

As we're traveling through the seas, it was a bumpy ride as the boat sways up & down through the rough waves. It was thrilling yet fun. We were all laughing and smiling to each other. We also took several selfie photos too =) 

Then we finally arrived to our destination. It was a very quiet beach. The atmosphere was so calm and peaceful. The view of the beach and sea was spectacular. We were the only visitors there. We unload our things from the boat and ms Chew went to approach a ranger whom is in charge of that place & also who was apparently on duty alone by himself on that fine day. 

After verifying with the ranger about our nude event, we moved to a hut nearby and start stripping. We begin our first activity with nude body painting. Everyone actively took part in this. We took turns by painting someone's else body and later get painted in return. There were many interesting and nice body drawings. Some of us had flowers, trees, abstract and even cartoon character drawings on our bodies. 

Then we took many photos of each other. We also moved to the beach and took several group photos of our body paintings. Later that, we proceed to our next activity which was the sports games where we played pass-the-baton running, swim-over-body challenge and the group crab walk. There were so much of laughter everywhere and by the time we entered the 3rd game, many of us were already exhausted. 

We then took a nude walk along the beach which stretches about 2km long. There were also some of us went to skinny dip in the sea. One of the person among us was our videographer and he recorded every moments of our event without missing a single one. The beach is so clean and the sands are so fine. Along the way, you can also find seashells laying around the beach. 

As we walked further up til the far end of the beach, we came across some very nice looking rocks that are great for taking pictures and we did plenty of photo sessions there. Our videographer also went to interview a few of us about the joys and perspective of naturism for our event video. 

We literally had the whole beach to ourselves. It really felt like a nude beach because everyone that are present there are all nude. There were no disturbance from the outside world. For once we really get to enjoy the natural environment and atmosphere just as how nature intended it to be. 

After all the fun, we walked back to our hut. As we reached the hut, suddenly a boat appeared from the sea and arrived at our beach. We quickly dress up just in time and later found out that the men in the boat actually brought our meals for dinner. 

We had asam laksa, nasi lemak, mihun goreng, chicken satay, fish barbeque, keropok lekor and Sarsi syrup. We had a wonderful dinner. There were so much of food to eat until eventually there were a few leftovers and extra packets of food left. Then we decided to save some for supper. 

After dinner, we had our shower and went to set up our sleeping bags. We even set up a tent in the hut specially catered for those who gets bitten by mosquitoes alot. We also went to set up a camp fire just outside of the hut. 

We used the natural resources we can find within our reach such as branches, dry leaves and etc to start the fire. We even got some assistance from the ranger where he splashed some kerosene to get the flames bigger. After the fire is stable, some of us strip and stand around the fire while enjoying the beauty of it burning in the dark.
Pesta Bogel di Pulau Pinang kebangga Lim anak beranak.

Pihak berkuasa tak ambil tindakan?


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  2. Stupid ignorants bastards

  3. Sepatutnya orang2 yg terlibat dengan event macam ni di tembak mati..
    Malaysia aman damai kalau dibandingkan dengan negara2 lain didunia kerana amalan kita menyebabkan Allah swt menyayangi Namu sejak akhir2 ini bermacam2 bala menimpa Malaysia..tk lain tak buka ddisebabkn event haramjadah camni

  4. Hello... event mcm ni bukan asing bro.. kat pulau2 sekitar Malaysia dah lama wujud aktiviti ni. kat kl pesta buih lg bro.. Sebab vanuenya di Penang tu sbb ko dok melalak sgt.
    Biar ikhlas memberi pandangan. kementerian pelancongan apa cer..dah lama benda ni menular dok biaqqq saja.

  5. Ahahaha..macai jubo detected.


  7. Teluk Kampi is under Kerajaan Persekutuan jurisdiction, owned and maintained by the Federal Govt.. now who is is to blame?

  8. patutnye Zarinah patut join sekali ler... baru syok...


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