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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Panas!!! Bukti Rakyat Mahu Anwar Tunai Janji Undur lepas Kalah PRU13???

Terakhir 90% nak anwar bersara. Anilneto terpaksa tutup undian sebab syak ada manupulate undian.. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Posted by Anil Netto on 15 May 2013 Add comments

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Malaysiakini reports that a poll in The Edge claims 81 per cent of respondents want Anwar to quit after the GE result indicated Pakatan failed to capture Putrajaya. Let's try an identical online poll here.

Pakatan has failed to capture Putrajaya in GE13. Should Anwar step down as leader?

No, he should continue to lead PR to the next GE as PR has won more seats than in the previous election.

Yes, he should call it quits as he made this pledge.

Caveat: This online poll may somehow be manipulated by certain quarters. After close to 300 people had responded, the poll revealed close to 90 per cent of people felt that Anwar should not quit. But after over 600 people responded, it is down to 62 per cent. After over 700 people responded, it dropped further to 58 per cent. In fact, the "Yes, he should quit" responses are increasing at a rate of about seven votes per minute, when I timed them at 3.45pm!

As for The Edge poll, according to Malaysiakini: "A whopping 10,396 of the 12,736 people who participated on the online poll by business news website The Edge agreed that Anwar should call it quits …"

Are these polls being rigged?
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