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Monday, 10 March 2014

Puaka Niring : Video Mat Salleh Kata Kehilangan #MH370 Sebab UFO??? Boleh Caya Ker...

Siasatan masih belum selesai dan kata putus mengenai apa sebenarnya yang berlaku kepada pesawat MH370 ni masih menjadi misteri tapi mat salleh ni dah buat macam-macam spekulasi yang mengarut sampai kait-mengait dengan UFO la makhluk asing la. 
For those who have not heard of the Malaysia Airline Flight that had gone missing after Air Traffic Control lost all communication many assume the plane to have crashed or possibly still in flight with no form of communication which is a bad situation. Some are now speculating for it to be blamed by a UFO or possibly an engine failure. I amtgrying to figure out what happened here, because it did eventually crash. and I say to just hold on to that for a second as we have not done a clear search for the plane as of yet, if we still cannot find it thats when things get very very strange.
Flight MH370 may have gone underwater or somewhere on land, we simply just don't know yet. Search and rescue is being sent out. It was actually heading for Beijing but from our assumption, has never made it. Aliens?? maybe?? lets wait it out than think about that. The flight went from Kuala Lumpur. the signal was lost in or around Vietnam. Malaysia Airline carriers states that it's misplaced connection with a new plane venturing coming from Kuala Lumpur for you to Beijing, with 239 individuals fully briefed.
This flight mentioned inside a assertion in which flight MH370 gone away in 02: 50 neighborhood time upon Weekend (18: 50 GMT upon Friday).
It had been anticipated to area in Beijing in 06: thirty (22: thirty GMT).
"Malaysia Airline carriers currently is using the services of the authorities who've initialized the look for as well as save team to uncover the jet, inch the company mentioned.
"Our team currently is getting in touch with the next-of-kin of passengers as well as team. inch

This Boeing B777-200 jet was holding 227 passengers, including a couple young children, as well as 12 team associates.
"We deeply are sorry for that any of us have misplaced just about all acquaintances with flight MH370 which left Kuala Lumpur in 12. 41 was before this morning bound regarding Beijing, inch mentioned the flight.
This flight proceeded to go lacking a couple several hours soon after removing coming from Kuala Lumpur.
China's Xinhua express reports bureau mentioned it had been misplaced in airspace handled by simply Vietnam. People who have read on BBC news and CNN news have most certainly heard about this. At this time we do not know where the Malaysia plane is. Sadly, eventually Vietnam confirmed that the plane had crashed into the Ocean. Malaysia Airlines flight Crash in Vietnam Sea was Kuala lumpur to South. I am very sure Malaysia Airlines feels very very bad about this crash. Malaysia Plane Crash Into Vietnam Sea VIDEO is not even in existence so you cannot see the crash and determine if it was a engine failure of some sort.

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